Is Spray Foam Right for Your Work Shop?

There is no better type of insulation than spray foam when it comes to controlling temperatures and humidity levels for your tools, equipment and building. Spray foam insulation is not only a great barn insulation but is an air barrier preventing outdoor moisture that can ruin your tools and equipment. It expands to fill gaps and cracks, leaving behind a hard surface that resists settling and structural degradation. Spray foam insulation can also reduce rust, corrosion, noise, odors and other environmental threats, greatly extending the life of your building. Spray foam is even impervious to damage by birds and rodents.

  • Reduces energy costs.

  • More consistent, heating / cooling temperatures.

  • Creates a seamless barrier.

  • Moisture resistant.

  • Environmentally friendly formulas that include no CFCs, formaldehyde or ozone depleting agents

  • Foam can be coated or painted if desired directly to the foams surface

Spray Foam Solutions are expert agricultural and commercial spray foam insulation installers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business benefit from out spray foam insulation.