Concrete Lifting And How It Works

Concrete eventually cracks and settles, causing issues with your sidewalk, driveway, or concrete slab. Your concrete slabs may sink and settle for many reasons, so how do you fix them? 

Let's Start From The Beginning

As far back as 6500 BC, ways have been found to use self-cementing materials to build slabs for homes, cisterns for water, and more. We now live in an age where the influences of concrete are all around us. 

Alongside the advances in concrete over the ages have come impacts that cause problems for concrete structures. Two factors involved are weight and soil. The weight of concrete directly affects the soil beneath and how well it holds its weight. 

So how do you fix your concrete slab that’s sinking? We’re glad you asked! 

Polyurethane Foam And Concrete Lifting 

Polyurethane foam has found use in insulation, and now this high-density foam is used to lift and stabilize concrete as well! The process of concrete lifting utilizing this foam, only takes two steps, and is non-invasive. First, a dime-sized hole is drilled into the concrete slab that needs repair. Then, our team of experts injects high-density polyurethane foam into the drilled hole, where the chemicals in the foam react and expand about 30 times their original size. Once the foam is injected, you will see results within about 15 minutes, depending on the size of the concrete lift project. 

Once your concrete is level, our team here at Spray Foam Solutions suggests that you extend the life of your concrete with pressure washing and sealing. Pressure washing your concrete will remove dirt, mold, and algae. By removing these undesirable substances, you will restore and protect your concrete leveling investment. Sealing your concrete will protect it from absorbing water and other substances that impact the unleveling of the surface to begin with. 

Spray Foam Solutions Concrete Lifting Experts Can Lift Settled Concrete Slabs In A Variety Of Areas From Residential Repairs To Commercial Projects. Contact Our Team Today To Receive A Quote, And Let Us Help You Level And Stabilize Your Concrete.