What are the Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation?

While spray foam insulation is more expensive than conventional insulation, the return on investment is huge.

  • In comparable new home builds comparing the efficiency of spray foam insulation to a comparable home built using conventional fiberglass and cellulose insulation methods, the spray foam insulated home out performs the traditional by as much as 50% in energy savings.

  • Closed cell spray foam insulation performs on the same level as ICF energy panels at a reduced price than those of ICF panels. In addition, because the closed cell spray foam insulation is applied to the structure after the shell of the structure is fabricated, it creates a seamless blanket to the structure virtually eliminating all gaps and crevices for heat loss to occur.

  • Open cell spray foam while having many of the same benefits as closed cell foam insulation, is less expensive but does require more product to achieve the same R-Value. Our closed cell insulation has an R-6.9 per inch. Our open cell foam insulation is rated at an R-3.8 per inch. Also, since the cell structure is “Open”, open cell foam is, not recommended to be used in applications where water may come in direct contact with the foam, i.e. basement and crawl space applications.


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